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Authentic Mauritian Creole Menu

Premium, authentic Creole cuisine with a twist

Le Chamarel Restaurant is an all-day mainstay for lovers of fine, authentic Creole cuisine with a menu highlighting the seasonal bounty of exclusive homegrown produce and seafood fresh from the lagoon. We bring alive the best in Creole dining through a sumptuous combination of the textures and flavours of traditional spices and ingredients.

We position ourselves as the finest destination restaurant in Chamarel with a unique set-menu concept. We also show respect and enthusiasm for our cuisine, culture and community. The foundation of our success is hinged on our commitment to excellence and we continue to look for ways to offer experiences that differentiate us.

Le Café de Chamarel Morning Experience

Pop in at the restaurant to help yourself to the Chamarel Coffee Experience. Wrapped in the warm embrace of a new day, early risers will enjoy a blend of typically Mauritian creole crepes (both sweet and savoury) served with locally-made jam and a chutney as well as a taste of the region’s own coffee, the Café de Chamarel with a sweet delicacy on the side.

An awesome way to kick off your day with a real taste of local flavours and a view that is sure to boost your spirits!

After tasting these local flavours, you may even procure yourself with some of this artisan and traditional coffee at our retail corner.

Experience available between: 9am and 11am

Price as from: Rs 275 per person

Le Chamarel Tab’Diri

Le Chamarel Restaurant daily offers a unique lunch experience known as La Tab’Diri (Mauritian Rice Table), made up of a plethora of authentic Mauritian Creole flavours that is a feast for the senses. La Tab’Diri is all about discovering local flavours, enjoying delicious Creole Cuisine in a wonderful setting, all served at your table in the characteristic Mauritian way: family-style.

Recreating the traditional colonial banquets of 18th- and 19th-century Mauritius, Tab’diri brings you dishes drawing from the country's rich culinary heritage. Local and seasonal produce are used to create this unique lunch experience, ensuring an-ever varying menu throughout the year. 10 different tastes make up this rainbow of flavours, reflecting the diverse origins of our people, ensuring you are taken on a voyage of discovery.

Lunch experience between: Noon and 3.30pm

Price as from: Rs 850 per person.

Afternoon Rhumtails

To round off the day with a beautiful sunset, the Afternoon Rhumtails offer a selection of “rhum arrangé” (homemade rum) infused with various local fruits and spices, along with an assortment of Mauritian snacks.

Our Afternoon Rhumtails will offer epicureans and connoisseurs a chance to extend their drinking horizons with some unusual yet palate-pleasing concoctions against the beautiful backdrop of the setting sun. The experience is not just about the drinks alone; it is also about the socialising, the music, the atmosphere and the wonderful setting.

An afternoon aperitif that will blow your senses away!

Available between: 3.30pm to 6pm

Price as from: Rs 375 per person

Le Chamarel Seggae Supper Club

Evenings takes a whole new twist with the Seggae Supper Club, which allows guests to spend the entire evening dining, drinking, socialising and being entertained by seggae (a mix of the local sega and reggae) and blues performers for a complete Creole experience.

Le Chamarel Restaurant revives the supper club tradition of the 1940s and offers a complete Creole evening experience with the dramatic backdrop of Le Morne Brabant Mountain. Our menu features classic European main courses with a strong Creole influence in the side dishes, a clever combination of fine ingredients with an element of surprise.

The Seggae Supper Club brings our guests the best of Mauritian music, art and gracious hospitality synonymous with this stunning destination!

Available between: 8pm and 11.30pm

An on-demand experience for groups of at least 60 persons, an evening at Le Chamarel Restaurant is guaranteed to impress your invitees.

Please get in touch with us for a customised quote to create a memorable evening.

Mauritius’ Longest Sunday Lunch

The Longest Sunday Lunch is an enticing invitation to indulgence where you will be spoilt for choice. Our signature Sunday lunch combines the best of La Tab’diri with great entertainment. The Longest Sunday lunch is all about bonding with friends and family while enjoying great food, listening to lazy seggae blues, in a stunning location.

Overlooking the entire southwestern coast, Le Chamarel Restaurant is the perfect place to soak up the amazing view stretching all the way down to the horizon while topping off your weekend in style with family and friends. A unique dining experience that blends creative Creole food with live music and the island’s best rhum cocktails.

Enjoy a 6-hour-long love story between Creole cuisine and music!

Available between: Noon and 5pm

Price as from: Rs 1,295 per person

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