Rum infused with local fruits and spices in a panoramic setting

To round off the day with a beautiful sunset, the Afternoon Rhumtails offer a selection of “rhum arrangé” (homemade rum) infused with various local fruits and spices, along with an assortment of Mauritian snacks.

Our Afternoon Rhumtails will offer epicureans and connoisseurs a chance to extend their drinking horizons with some unusual yet palate-pleasing concoctions against the beautiful backdrop of the setting sun. The experience is not just about the drinks alone; it is also about the socialising, the music, the atmosphere and the wonderful setting.

An afternoon aperitif that will blow your senses away!

Available between: 3.30pm to 6pm (Available upon request and only for group bookings)

Price as from: Rs 525 per person

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